Four MECCA HQ women on their own Beauty IDs

All this month at MECCA we’ve been asking the question: how do you beauty? We want everyone to reconnect with the beauty that makes them look and feel their best—even rediscover an old favourite or try a new formula.

Up until now, we’ve been helping you—our beautiful readers—figure out your beauty ID; so, we thought we’d take a moment to hear from some MECCA HQ team members on what they consider their own beauty ID’s to be and how they discovered them.

Enya Kazic, eCommerce Merchandiser

For Enya, it’s the self-expressive side of makeup that she loves the most. “I love the freedom and sense of individuality that comes with being able to express myself outside the restrictions of clothing and fashion—painting your face is so much fun!” she says.

Never one to shy away from bright colours, she loves incorporating pops of neon and eye-catching bold hues when creating a look. She’s not afraid to go all out and has a keen eye for creativity, she’s a makeup artist too, so thinking about trends and what to experiment with next is her jam.

When it comes to makeup trends, Kazic’s favourite is definitely a winged liner; but, not any winged liner—a coloured wing all the way. “It has to be coloured liner! [It’s] such an easy way to instantly add a layer of individuality to any look.”

When she thinks back to how she landed on her own individual makeup style (or beauty ID), she acknowledges that it’s always been about trial and error. “My style evolved from doing a bronze smokey eye with a black winged liner to experimenting with the same looks just with different colours and seeing what goes together (I’ve always been a liner gal though).”

Kazic opts for products that help her achieve creative, self-expressive looks that are far from boring. Three that stand out to her right now: “I love the By Terry Ombre Blackstar Cream Eyeshadows—I use one of these to create a glittery wing look.” A precise winged eye look needs a brush to achieve the upmost precision, Kazic recommends the Rae Morris Jishaku #14: Perfect Eyeliner for “a truly perfect line every time”. Do as Kazic does and warm the Kajal pencil on the back of your hand and dip into the colour with the Rae Morris brush. She also loves the M.A.C Paint Pot as the base for all her eye looks: “I set myself up for a bomb look every time with this.”

Cassandra Wong, Content Graduate

Cassandra isn’t afraid to admit that she’s obsessed with beauty. “Makeup truly lets me express myself. I feel more confident when I can create the latest looks and trends,” she says. “It lets me transform into anyone I want to be.”

Wong loves getting her hands on the latest product launches and achieving the latest trends while she’s at it. “I love the pop of colour trend that I’ve been seeing a lot of lately. It’s so much fun—especially when you use pastel colours,” she adds. If you’re thinking about a pastel shade to incorporate into your routine, we highly recommend this totally spring appropriate (and super cute) lilac shade from MECCA MAX.

When it comes to discovering her own beauty ID, Cass states that her natural features definitely play into the colours she gravitates towards and makeup looks she creates. “I think having dark hair and dark eyes has always made me really want to experiment with bright colours on my eyes and lips to contrast.”

The two products that Wong loves at the moment include the MECCA MAX Zoom Shadow Sticks, “they have so many different shades to play with and there’s endless ways you can use them to create a beautiful eye look every time.” Still on the subject of eye looks, Wong says the Kosas 10-Second Liquid Eyeshadow in the shade ‘333’ is a winner. “[It’s] such a nice subtle pop of colour and so easy to use.”

Nicola Harrison, CRM Coordinator

It’s all about trusted brands and timeless products when it comes to the products in Nicola’s makeup bag; classic and chic sums her up perfectly. “I love a timeless makeup look that works for every occasion—whether I’m in the office or at a wedding, you won’t catch me without a touch of pink on the cheeks and a red or nude lip.”

For Harrison, a classic look she comes back to time and time again is a winged liner look, “because, lets face it, it will never go out of style and once you’ve mastered it, you won’t look back.”

She discovered that her own beauty ID was definitely more skewed towards a timeless style when she noticed that regardless of the occasion, she’d always lean more towards a red lip or a winged eye.

Harrison isn’t afraid to admit that most of the products in her makeup bag are from Hourglass, “I just can’t get enough of their luxe, innovative formulas and the way their products provide a flawless finish on the skin.”

She can’t go without the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in ‘Dim Light’ to set her makeup, “it gives me a seamless finish—it’s like a soft light filter across my face”. “I also can’t go past the Kevyn Aucoin Volume Mascara—it gives any eye look the perfect finish, and I love the way it doesn’t smudge or give me panda eyes after wearing it all day!

Emily Deacon, Content Producer

After years of opting for matte finish foundations as part of her go-to makeup look, Emily realised that a full coverage, matte finish was probably better left back in her dance concert days. “Now that I’m in my 30s, I definitely feel like less is more when it comes to makeup, including my base.” Nowadays, it’s about lightweight tinted moisturisers, multi-use products and cream formulas.

“I think I discovered that I was more of a natural finish kind of person within the past few years. I’ve really come to accept that my skin shouldn’t be covered up with too many products on a daily basis; I think a good skincare routine (and SPF) has really helped me come to this realisation” say Deacon.

“I love a no-makeup makeup look any day of the week,” she says. “I opt for a lightweight base, a cream blush on the cheeks and I’m a sucker for a lip tint or stain.”

Her two products of choice right now (because it changes a lot) are definitely Westman Atelier Face Trace Contour Stick and Mecca Cosmetica Weekend Skin. “The Face Trace Contour Stick blends like a dream—I like to use it to contour and as a cream bronzer; it’s great for a pale skin,” she explains. “Weekend Skin just provides me with a wash of colour all over, it evens out my skin tone nice and makes me look dewy even when my skin is feeling a bit lacklustre.”


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