4 feel-good hairstyles to wear while championing International Day of the Girl

As part of our commitment to empowering women and girls to flourish and realise their full potential (read more about it here), this year for International Day of the Girl we have launched a limited-edition hair scarf in our signature pink and red colours. Not only is it set to be the sweetest accessory of the summer, it’s one that you can feel great wearing too. Designed by our very own store team member, Jade Hill, 100 percent of gross profits from the scarf will go towards educating girls in disadvantaged circumstances.

International Day of the Girl aims to highlight and address the needs and challenges girls face, while promoting girls' empowerment and the fulfillment of their human rights. This year, under the theme, “My voice, our equal future”, we’re seizing the opportunity to reimagine a better world inspired by adolescent girls – energised and recognised, counted and invested in.

Here’s four (of many) on-trend ways to sport your MECCA M-Power International Day of The Girl Scarf while raising awareness on gender inequality and shining a light on the means to end this, featuring MECCA team members Christie, Kyra, Maia and Saida.


An updated return of the stairs-of-The-Met approved style, sporting your M-Power scarf as a headband not only looks chic, but keeps your hair out of your face for windy spring days, and warm, perspiring summers. With very little effort, it’ll make a throw-on outfit look considered; all you need to do is roll or fold your scarf up on the diagonal, tying it securely at the nape of your neck, or the top of your head. Leave the ends to peak out like a bow, or, tuck them in, and if you’re prone to a bit of slipping, a few hidden bobby pins will keep your scarf in place all day. Voilà.


Iso-cut curtain fringe or not, looping a scarf around a half-up/half-down bun or ponytail is the easiest way to zhuzh day two or three hair, taking your same morning coffee-run hairstyle and transforming it into a picnic-appropriate look that’s practically made for the ‘gram (or an episode of Emily in Paris). All you need to do is tie your M-Power scarf around your mini bun or pony (which could rest at the top or the back of your head), letting it flow free with the rest of your hair. With a summer of outdoor dining ahead of us, this is the look to perfect.


We’re all about living our Y2K dreams through fashion and beauty (hello, brown lip liner and silvery-blue shadow), and so a bit of Beyoncé-meets-J.Lo-meets-Xtina inspiration will never go astray. Regardless of whether your hair is long, short, curly or straight, a satin bandana will leave you beaming with confidence (while hiding frizz and fly-aways). To achieve the look, simply fold your scarf in half diagonally, place it comfortably on your head where you would like it to sit—in-front of or behind your hairline works—and double-knot it just above the nape of your neck. Not only will it frame your face, this style is also a great hack for those who tend to experience sunburn along their hair part (you’re welcome).


If you prefer your hair up and out of your face and neck, love showing off your collar bones or are at a point where dry shampoo just won’t cut it (but you still want to look put together), tying a scarf around your bun or pony (low or high, that’s up to you) is a simple fix. For a more stylised accessory, leave the ends of your scarf to flow as you move, or if a pop of colour is all you’re looking for, wrap your scarf around your hairtie a few times, finishing it off with a neat bow. It’s a low-effort high-payoff look guaranteed to get you compliments.

Through M-Power, MECCA aims to help 10,000 girls finish secondary school by the year 2025, and we will achieve this through our work locally in Victoria with The Skyline Education Foundation, nationally with Stars Foundation and internationally with CAMFED.

Not just a scarf, this clever piece has more than a handful of uses, and we’d love to see how you use yours. We call you to action, from Sunday , October 11, to purchase a scarf and show your support for International Day of the Girl.


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