Floral, fresh or oriental? Take this quiz to reveal your perfect fragrance

Of all your beauty belongings, fragrance is by far the most personal. Rather than the look that a red lipstick or opaque black liner can present, a fragrance will connect you with a feeling, memory or emotion—one that everyone around you is immediately drawn into as you cross paths.

Whether you have one signature scent that your friends and family associate you with, or an indulgent wardrobe of them with which you change as frequently as you do your outfits, in just five questions we’re unlocking the fragrance family that bests suits your personality.


How would you like your fragrance to make you feel while you are wearing it?

A. Energised and uplifted from your very first spritz

B. Romantic and elegant, like you’ve stepped into a dream

C. Super warm and cosy, enveloped in a sense of calm

You feel your best when you are:

A. Stepping out of the shower after a workout (your endorphins are buzzing!)

B. Having a picnic in the park with your best friends

C. Sitting by a fire, wine in-hand, with someone you love

What kind of music do you listen to most?

A. Soft rock – Fleetwood Mac and Hall & Oates tick your box

B. Femme pop! Lady Gaga and Lizzo speak to your soul

C. Lo-fi beats that you can work, study, or relax to

How would your friends describe you?

A. They’d say you’re highly motivated and always in a good mood

B. As sweet and thoughtful—and most people would agree!

C. Pretty cool and confident, with a generally laid-back vibe

Which sweet treat makes your mouth water most?

A. Cheesecake – you love the initial, sometimes lemony tang, and the smooth, velvety texture

B. Turkish delight – it’s sweet and delicate, but a little exotic too

C. Cinnamon buns – you love unravelling the spicy spiral of a warm, fluffy scroll


Mostly As: Fundamentally fresh: your fragrance ID is woody and citrusy

Your uplifting spirit and fizz for life calls for a fragrance equally as spritely—for moments when you want to feel grounded, try an intriguingly herbaceous scent with green and woody notes, like Floral Street’s Arizona Bloom or Buly’s Eau Triple Al Kassir Perfume. When life calls for a bit more whimsy and frivolity (or you’re just in need of a pick-me-up) go for a tangy and fresh citrus-spiked scents, like D.S. & Durga’s Italian Citrus EDP, or 100BON’s Neroli & Petit Grain Printanier EDP. Escentric Molecules’ new Escentric 05 sits somewhere in the middle.

Mostly Bs: Bouquets for days: your fragrance ID is fruity and floral

Fun and charming, you like to give the impression you got lost in a blossom-lined street on your way to brunch. There’s no denying that a sweet, floral-filled fragrance will delight you, so when finding your signature bouquet, try looking for scents that feel inherently modern to avoid outdated or overpowering aromas. White flowers like jasmine, tuberose and orange blossom are both a safe and intoxicating bet—our favourites include Diptyque’s Do Son EDT, Tocca’s Florence EDP, and D.S. & Durga’s Crystal Pistil, a scent designed to layer with and enhance your favourite scents.

Mostly Cs: The warm and fuzzies: your fragrance ID is aromatic and oriental

You like a scent with a warm embrace and a lingering sense of ‘I just can’t put my finger on it’—a unique aromatic or oriental fragrance will leave you feeling confident and comforted, and everyone you walk past wanting more. Rich, spicy and opulent, fragrances like Frédéric Malle’s Portrait of a Lady EDP, Maison Margiela’s Jazz Club EDT, and Ellis Brooklyn’s Sweet EDP infuse notes to the tune of vanilla, patchouli, musk, amber, cannabis and tonka into the skin, constantly evolving and softening as you go on with your day. A. N. Other’s OR/2018 Parfum is the perfect middle groun d between aromatic and oriental, blending the earthy exotic with the edible familiar.

Need some help in finding your signature scent? Let a MECCA fragrance specialist guide you with a virtual or in-person fragrance consultation.


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