A new movement of eco-friendly beauty has arrived. Here’s everything you need to know about blue beauty

There’s a new movement making waves in the industry, and some of your favourite brands are jumping on board. You’ve probably heard of ‘clean’ and ‘green’ beauty, but now’s the time to familiarise yourself with blue beauty.

With social and environmental awareness now playing a large part in the beauty choices of many, it comes as no surprise that brands are striving to meet the expectations of the educated and forthcoming beauty community. So, as we come to embrace the notions of ‘green beauty’, we see a new concept of environmentally-led skincare and makeup emerge—and it’s known as blue beauty.

Going above and beyond its ‘green’ and ‘clean’ counterparts (which are all about the transparency of ingredients, the sourcing and resourcing process, manufacturing, and packaging and distribution), blue beauty—as you might have guessed—champions the protection and conservation of the oceans and its wildlife. Like green beauty, the movement advocates for recycled and recyclable zero-waste packaging (often made from ocean waste), and, more uniquely, goes above and beyond in its formulations, which are typically free from exfoliating microbeads and reef-sensitive ingredients, such as oxybenzone.

In the grand scheme of things, the blue beauty movement (spearheaded by Jeannie Jarnot, founder of Beauty Heroes) is still new—but some of our favourite brands are already taking the necessary (and timely and costly) steps to become as ‘blue’ as possible. These are the brands playing their part at MECCA.


In line with founder Sylvie Chantecaille’s love for and admiration of whale sharks, “the ocean’s gentle giants,” the brand’s newest collection of coral-hued lip and cheek colours is aptly titled ‘Vibrant Oceans’, and has been created in partnership with WildAid, an NGO that works alongside governments to raise public support, and, in turn, put an end to detrimental wildlife consumption. While whale sharks are hunted for their meat and fins, highly intelligent manta rays are often overfished for their gill plates, commonly used in health tonics. According to the brand, “protecting wildlife also means protecting ourselves,” and their ongoing awareness and donation efforts for wildlife (and more specifically, ocean) conservation sees them as a key player in the blue beauty movement.


Born in New Zealand and relatively new to MECCA, Syrene are a natural, ocean-inspired skincare brand pledging to ‘turn the tide’ on ocean waste. With formulations safe for—and derived from—the ocean’s greenery (such as the founders’ favourite, Ephemer, “a special collection of seaweed in macroalgae in cellular form which has powerful antioxidant effect on skin”), the brand is firm in its belief that protecting the world—“the only one we have”—is a “no-brainer.” To date, Syrene has already helped remove 180,000 plastic bags from the oceans, and pledge to use ocean waste plastic in all product packaging by September 2020.

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Famous for their algae-derived concentrate, the ocean (and lakes and rivers) has always played a huge part in La Mer’s efficacy and success. With an aim to create “ripples of good,” and return the favour the ocean has always afforded them, La Mer embarked on their commitment to the blue beauty movement way back in 2013, working with renowned ocean explorer Dr. Sylvia Earle to take a deep dive (pun not intended) into underwater habitat protection, addressing any actionable changes. Since then, they’ve partnered with the National Geographic Society and ocean advocates to support explorers making strides in ocean sustainability research, and in 2017 launched the La Mer Blue Heart Oceans Fund, which has so far supported conservation initiatives in The Azores, Grenada and East China Sea.

“In the journey to protect the living connection we all have to the ocean,” says the brand, “we know that even small acts of participation can make a huge impact,” they speak of their ongoing conservation efforts, as well as the efforts of their team members across the world who lead an effort to clean their local shores and beaches.

REN Clean Skincare

For true blue brand Ren, ‘clean’ is at the heart of everything they do. According to the brand, it starts with clear, visible results from their skincare, formulated without “shady” ingredients and with sustainably sourced ones. Their products are also cruelty-free, always, packaged sustainably in recyclable ocean waste plastic and post-consumer-recycled plastic. And just in case that wasn’t enough, through their online presence and partnerships they strive to support likeminded brands.

Living by the motto “great skincare shouldn’t cost the earth,” Ren package and formulate their products with the planet in mind, and over the years have teamed up with Surfers Against Sewage, a grassroots environmental charity dedicated to the protection of oceans, beaches and wildlife, and Plastic Patrol, a global movement with the mission to “make sure litter stays out of nature.” The brand pledges to become ‘zero waste’ by 2021, with all packaging to be 100% recycled, recyclable and reusable.


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