The top 5 products to try from sans [ceuticals], New Zealand’s natural and multifunctional skincare brand

For natural skincare brand san [ceuticals], what they leave out of their products is just as important as what they choose to put in. This ingredient-conscious ethos is just one of the many the brand stands by; their line of simple yet effective multifunctional products uses active ingredients to relieve sensitive skin conditions, stimulate cell regeneration and nourish damaged hair—all while ensuring the way they manufacture their products keeps the health of our planet front of mind.

Their skin, hair and body offering are now available at MECCA, and each item is designed to simplify daily rituals while minimising clutter and waste. If this sounds like your kind of brand, we suggest familiarising yourself with our edit of the top five essentials below.

Activator 7 Body + Hair + Face Oil

As you would’ve guessed from the name, this is a truly multipurpose product. The potent formula contains rich pharmaceutical-grade botanicals—like jojoba, evening primrose and meadowfoam oils—along with vitamin A, which normalises skin cell function and enables good collagen and elastin production, and vitamin E which is a powerful antioxidant, assisting with the absorption of the vitamin A. Used daily, this reparative oil can help optimise your skin’s hydration levels and tackle the appearance of sun damage, eczema, dermatitis and stretch marks. Apply it on your body post-shower or bath while skin is wet to create a hydrolipidic film, trapping in moisture for hydrated skin. Use it as a gentle makeup remover with a cotton pad; apply it to the ends of your hair to lock in vital moisture; apply it on your face before your nightly moisturiser to help repair skin while you sleep or try it as a shaving oil—it’s a true all-rounder and deserving of a spot in your bathroom.

Cell Repair Body + Face Lotion

If you prefer the feeling of a lotion over a body oil, then this silky face and body staple is for you. It contains 5 percent niacinamide, an ingredient that assists in repairing UV damage, reducing the appearance of pigmentation, calming redness and evening out skin tone. Added grapeseed oil and shea butter help restores skin’s moisture barrier for long lasting hydration, too. Just like every product in this clean and conscious range, the Cell Repair Body + Face Lotion doesn’t contain artificial fragrances, sulfates, silicones, petrochemicals, parabens, PEGs, phthalates or artificial colours.

Hair Hydratant Ultra+ 150m

There’s hair conditioners and then there’s the sans [ceuticals] Hair Hydratant Ultra+. This rich masque is packed full of beneficial ingredients your hair will drink up—including baobab extract and shea butter. It also contains lipids to deliver slip, shine and leave your hair with a velvety-soft feeling. Any hair type can use this, but those people who deal with frizzy, dry or brittle strands will really benefit. It helps restore your hair’s lipid content, which is critical in making your hair feel smooth, soft and manageable. Try applying this one as a curl-defining cream (on damp ends) or as a nourishing treatment by squeezing excess moisture out of hair then work a cherry-sized amount through mid-lengths and ends, leave for five to 10 minutes before rinsing.

Balancing Hair Wash

This hair wash contains vitamin B5 (for hair that appears smoother and shinier), sugar beet extract (which boosts hydration while soothing and calming the scalp) and a patented complex call Pentavitin which helps prevent a dry scalp and reduce sensitivity. Try it you experience oily roots, a dry scalp, suffer from sensitive skin conditions or you find you scalp is easily irritated. sans [ceuticals] believe cleansing your hair should be a gentle process, one that protects rather than strips away all the essential nutrients your scalp and hair need to stay balanced and healthy.

pH Perfect Body + Hand Wash

Let’s be honest, we’ve all been washing our hands a lot this year. If the result of over-cleaning your hands is skin that feels irritated, dry or stripped of its natural oils then give this a go. This gentle wash can be used on both your hands and your body; it gently cleanses without stripping or disturbing the skin’s pH and moisture barrier to leave your skin feeling fresh, ultra-soft and rejuvenated. It’s also been formulated using a sulphate-free blend commonly used in baby care products, so you know it’s gentle enough for all ages and skin types. Key ingredients include ceramides, lychee extract and vitamin B to help reduce moisture loss, restore skin’s pH levels and soothe skin with every wash.


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