It’s time for a spring refresh: here’s 6 favourite cleansers to consider

Spring is here! That means longer days, warmer weather, showing a little more skin and good vibes all around after a long winter. If you went into hibernation mode with your skincare routine during winter, this changing of the seasons will hopefully get you back on track. The same way you might spring clean your wardrobe (or that miscellaneous drawer in your kitchen), your skincare shelf could also use a tidy up this time of year, too.

Maybe you need to change up the formulas you’re using (opt for lighter ones more as the weather warms up), or you’re finding your skin is adjusting as the season changes and you need to re-look at what’s working for you currently. Or, perhaps just the idea of trying something new is the small joy you need in your life right now. On the subject of spring cleaning, we thought it only appropriate to talk to the cleaners of the skincare world: cleansers. We’ve rounded up a mix of new arrivals and bestsellers to get you in the clean(s)ing mood.


The aim of the game with this gel cleanser from Kiehl’s is to purify problematic skin prone to visible redness and discomfort. The herbaceous formula effectively washes away impurities without stealing any of the essential moisture skin needs to feel happy and balanced. When emulsified with water, it gently foams up for a cleanse that really feels like it gets into every pore—the fresh herbal aroma also makes for a completely calming sensorial experience. The inclusion of green oregano oil and cannabis sativa plant oil help to relieve problematic skin while reducing and dryness (combination skin types, take note!) and improve overall radiance.


Everyone knows that a new product from this K-Beauty-inspired brand gets snapped up quickly – it sold out within hours when it first landed at MECCA – with an array of five-star reviews following shortly after. This fruity cleansing balm not only melts away makeup, dirt and excess oil, it gently exfoliates while it does it. A delicious trio of papaya enzymes, papaya seed oil and blueberry extract helps to gently smooth and resurface the skin while keeping it hydrated with fatty acids (found in the papaya seed oil) and protected from environmental factors that can stress out your skin (thanks to the antioxidants in the blueberry extract).


Still keeping with papaya ingredient trend, this non-foaming gel cleanser from Mario Badescu harnesses both papaya and grapefruit enzymes to lightly exfoliate while it washes away skin impurities and dirt. The grapefruit helps to remove excess oil while keeping skin feeling baby soft and looking luminous. You can really take your time when cleansing with this one. Try letting the cleanser sit on the skin for up to 30 seconds mid-cleanse—it’ll allow all those fruit enzymes to further dissolve the dead skin cells getting in the way of the radiance you so deserve.


Troubled or oily skin? This one’s for you. It contains white clay to effectively remove and buff away oxidised sebum, dead skin and other trouble-causing impurities from the skin. Other key ingredients include rice germ oil to soften skin without stripping it of its natural oils and pure kirishima mineral spring water, from Japan, which helps to support and prepare skin for treatment products that follow. Use it morning and night for fresh, happy skin.


This oil-to-foam cleanser wraps your skin a hydrating, protective layer—leaving it soft and glowy after each wash. Key ingredients include glycerine—which helps to treat oily skin concerns while drawing water from the air into the skin’s outer layer—and seaweed extract. The inclusion of seaweed extract in this gentle cleanser helps strengthen skin and improve overall skin elasticity while slowing the formation of free radicals responsible for ageing. Simply massage a small amount of cleansing oil onto the face, wet hands, and use small circular movements to activate the foam.


This lightweight yet deeply nourishing oil cleanser replenishes moisture and glow in just one wash. Start with dry skin and add water to gently emulsify the formula into a milky consistency—this will help sweep away excess oil (which you might notice as the weather gets warmer), makeup and impurities. It’s vegan, cruelty-free and packed with everything from raspberry seed oil to avocado and argan oil—all of which replenish moisture while helping to lift everything you’re cleansing off your face. Did we mention it smells like orange peel and neroli oil? It’s a real treat and definitely a cleanser to consider if you’re after the full sensorial experience.


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