MECCA x MAC presents: Mia, myself and I, starring actor Mia Healey

Meet Mia Healey: a “Virgo sun/Aquarius rising/Scorpio moon” from rural New South Wales, and the latest Australian expat Hollywood’s glimmering lights have taken a liking to. Healey’s newest role? Exploring her beauty identity on – and off – camera with beauty industry maverick, M.A.C Cosmetics.

On set in Sydney last month – in a fleeting moment before the actor returned to New Zealand to shoot the second season of Amazon Prime’s The Wilds – MECCA sat down with Healey between takes to talk beauty, breaking boundaries and coming into her own.

viewing of products


“My first memory of beauty products was when my friend bought me a highlighter for my 12th birthday,” shares Healey. “But the first memory I have of beauty itself was probably hearing my mum’s laugh for the first time.”

Between a red lip (M.A.C’s cult-favourite ‘Ruby Woo’), rosy cheeks (that’s Glow Play Blush in ‘Cheer Up’), and the biggest, boldest wing imaginable, working with M.A.C and MECCA has seen Healey challenge her boundaries in a bid to explore and expand her beauty horizons.

“Blush always cheers me up,” The Wilds star notes in regard to her rosiest look of the day, but her favourite is the cool-yet-camp take on New Year’s Eve beauty, featuring the new M.A.C In Extreme Dimension 24hr Kajal Liner. “I rarely wear a strong eye like that,” Healey admits. “It was a lot of fun and made me feel like dancing.”

Her top takeaway? A newfound love for lipstick. “I usually just line my lips and wear a gloss, but since the shoot I've been rotating through M.A.C lipsticks in all different shades and I think I've been turned. They achieve a much softer, creamier look and are so easy to fit in your pocket.”

viewing of products


“As a kid I was always forcing my sister and friends to put on plays with me for our parents,” she laughs, reminiscing on her first taste for performance. “I must've made them sit through that many shows that they decided to throw me into acting classes at the Australian Theatre for Young People from the age of four. From then on, I never imagined myself doing anything else!”

It was love at first lesson – “acting made me feel so creative and free, and it allowed me to be weird and wonderful and joyful. Now when I act, I feel so much more connected to the human experience than I do when I'm not acting. I get to escape and fall into a character's life that is so far from my own.”

viewing of products


The actor describes the experience of shooting her first major role as a true lesson in independence. “Before travelling I never enjoyed spending time with myself, but filming the Pilot of The Wilds threw me into the deep-end and allowed me to prove to myself that I was actually good company!” Healey laughs.

“Truthfully, I was just so excited to be there! I felt like I was living the dream. I still feel like that any time I step on set.”

Next stop, she says, is LA! “I haven't been there since pre-COVID, so I'm really excited to be there again.”

And when looking to the future, Healey can’t help but reflect on the past: “The 17-year-old version of myself inspires me to keep growing and improving myself. That version of me inspires me to take risks and welcome change.”