Watch: 3 supermodel hairstyles to recreate at home

When we heard Valerie Benavides — Sam McKnight’s talented first assistant — was in town, there was no chance we’d miss the opportunity to jump in a room together in the hopes that some of her hair wizardry might rub off on us.

Applying the lessons she’s learnt from years working alongside McKnight — the man that defined the hairstyles of ’90s supermodels and it-girls alike (from Linda Evangelista and Christie Turlington to Kate Moss, Madonna and Princess Diana) — Benavides generously guided us through three simple yet equally iconic hairstyles that all come together with the help of Hair by Sam McKnight’s bestselling styling mists. Press play!


Shaggy, nonchalant and effortlessly tousled, Kate Moss’ famous dirty blonde hairdo elevated casual beauty to the epitome of cool.

Step 1: Loosely section your hair, then wrap one-inch pieces down the barrel of a vertical curling tong.

Step 2: After curling, spray each section with Modern Hairspray and continue through your whole head, alternating the direction of your curls.

Step 3: Spritz Cool Girl Barely There Texture Mist through your hair and give it a good shake (even flipping your hair upside down for extra volume).


Full, voluminous waves with loads of bounce and an air of confidence — yes, the big ’90s blowout was Sam McKnight’s signature as he crafted the glorious manes of the world’s biggest supermodels.

Step 1: Blow-dry hair away from the face, using a round brush to encourage volume and a loose, bouncy wave.

Step 2: Spray Modern Hairspray through each section, rolling your hair up into clips as you go to ensure it holds the curl once cool.

Step 3: Release the clips and ‘zhuzh’ your hair into place, spritzing Cool Girl Barely There Texture Mist into your roots (and teasing with a comb for an extra boost) for ‘va-va-voom’ volume.


Inspired by the product of the same name, this simple style takes second (or third!) day hair from bed to bottomless brunch.

Step 1: Section the top third of your hair into two (one on each side of your face!), tying them into a single knot at the back of your head.

Step 2: Take the middle third of your hair, once again splitting it into two sections and creating another knot, together with the ends of the first section.

Step 3: Repeat once more with the final section of hair, tucking and pinning the ends into the nape of your neck. Lock it all in with Easy-Up Do Texture Spray!

Keen to hear Sam McKnight’s iconic tales of the ’90s supermodel era? Listen to his interview on our official podcast, MECCA Talks! Tune in via Apple Podcasts or Spotify.


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