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Finesse Non-touring

Finesse Non-touring Finesse Non-touring

Makeup Minimalists Take Note

Non-touring. It’s the stealth beauty craze flooding your Instagram feed (Gigi, Bella, Karlie - we’re looking at you). So what actually is non-touring? Picture the heavily contoured, baked looks that have had their fair share of airtime – and then do the opposite. This is contouring lite: dewy, radiant skin with an ever-so-slightly bronzed glow and a subtle flush of colour that whispers cheekbones rather than shouts. The effect you’re after is a pretty polish that doesn’t look too done because with non-touring, less really is more. Let’s break it down...

Finesse Non-touring - Step 1
Finesse Non-touring - Step 2

Using either your fingers or Hourglass No.2 brush, blend a small amount of Perricone MD No Bronzer Bronzer across the underside of the cheekbones, on the temples and into the hairline to create subtle definition and warmth (rather than a ‘contour’).

Finesse Non-touring - Step 3

Dab RMS Master Mixer onto the high points of the face with your fingers for believable highlights. Don’t forget the bridge of the nose, under the arch of the eyebrow and the cupid’s bow (just above the top lip).

Finesse Non-touring - Step 4
Finesse Non-touring - Step 5
Finesse Non-touring Finesse Non-touring

Photography by Nick Dale
Makeup by Sally Axford for MECCA
Hair by Natalie Virgona
Shot on location at Mecca Cosmetica Armadale

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