Support Centre roles at MECCA

Support Centre Roles

We call ourselves the ‘Support Centre’ because that is exactly what we do – support our amazing store teams in delivering the best customer experience possible.

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Welcome to MECCA Support Centre

Welcome to MECCA Support Centre

It’s equally as important for us to ensure that we are the right fit for you as you are for us! So, we have a thorough recruitment process for Support Centre roles to gain an understanding of your values, team and cultural fit, functional skills and expertise.

From the moment you step in the door at our Richmond Support Centre, we want you to feel supported and excited about the MECCA journey you contribute to. To kick start your Support Centre career, new team members receive a personalised welcome pack, with MECCA essentials, a detailed induction plan, and an overview of our strategic pillars to ensure our team understands how each role impacts our stores and customers.


Priming your career

Your first few weeks at MECCA will take you on a journey as you meet with the teams to learn everything you need to know. During your induction, you’ll spend time in store, learn more about our brands and our customers, and go behind-the-scenes at our Distribution Centre. We’ll also partner you with a buddy, who will support you throughout your time at MECCA!

As a MECCA team member, we want to ensure we provide you with the tools and opportunities to grow and excel. A few highlights to look forward to include:

  • Personal and professional development through our Annual Performance Program, the MECCA Foundation Series, Management Development Program and visits from amazing external speakers
  • Regular advice on your personal finances with our Financial Consulting Partner, Argent Street
  • Focus on finding your unique balance through a program that encourage wellness in all aspects of life
  • A parental support program featuring paid parental leave and ongoing superannuation/KiwiSaver contributions
Priming your career
The Perfect Foundation: The MECCAmazing Mastermind

The Perfect Foundation: The MECCAmazing Mastermind

Jo Horgan, our Founder & CEO is the visionary woman behind it all.

Jo is a savvy, pioneering and inspirational leader, and the first ever woman to be named as Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year.

Jo lives and breathes the MECCA values, and is on the ground with our teams, our brands and our stores every single day.

Support Centre is filled with quintessential ‘Jo-isms’ that keep our team motivated every day. One of our favourites is ‘Fail fast, fail forward’ – which give us licence to experiment, learn and - win or lose - continue to move forward.

Another piece of advice from Jo is this - “Just put one foot in front of the other and the road will unfold in front of you. If you don’t start, you’re not going anywhere. So, get on with it and surround yourself with great people.”


A sneak peek behind-the-scenes at our Support Centre

MECCA Tech – this includes all things IT, Operations, Development and Product Delivery. We’ve also recently embarked on a technology transformation that will give you the opportunity to be involved in innovative projects and exposed to some of the latest technologies in the market.

­Retail Channels - our retail teams set the direction for, and are a part of, every customer-facing aspect of the business, from our eCommerce team who run our online store, to the Concept Development team who focus on all things bricks-and-mortar.

­Operations, Supply Chain, Business Development and Finance – these are the teams that keep the MECCA wheels turning! These teams are at the core of all the logistics that set MECCA up for long-term success. In these teams, you will get into the nitty-gritty detail, and be focused on how we can continuously improve and provide our customers with a seamless experience.

­Talent & Culture - this team is the place to be if you’re passionate about empowering our team members to be the best versions of themselves. The T&C team does it all, partnering with the business in HR, Education, Office Management, Sustainability and our MECCA M-Power initiative, to provide all our team members with an impactful and enriching employment experience.

A sneak peek behind-the-scenes at our Support Centre
A sneak peek behind-the-scenes at our Support Centre

­MECCA Signature Line – operating as a mini start-up business, our Signature Line team consists of the creative geniuses behind our award-winning, in-house brand products. They are on top of every trend, shade and game-changing experience that we can provide our customers. They also manage their own inventory and supply chain, and partner closely with every other team in the business.

­Product, product product! Not only do we distribute over 150 brands in our stores, we are also in the business of building within the Australian market. You could join our Merchandise team where you will work hand-in-hand with our brands every day, either in Brands & Buying, Business Improvement or Planning & Replenishment.

­Get Creative in our Brand Marketing, Events, Digital Marketing, Loyalty & CRM, Public Relations, Graphic Design and Visual Merchandise teams. These superstars aren’t your typical creatives – they focus on game-changing and industry leading initiatives both in-store and online.

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