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  • Rae Morris - Jishaku #15: Precision Bent-Liner

Rae MorrisJishaku #15: Precision Bent-Liner

  • Rae Morris - Jishaku #15: Precision Bent-Liner

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A fine eyeliner brush for upper & lower lashes.

Synthetic fibres

Synthetic fibres

The MECCA view:
This vegan eyeliner brush has been designed for the finest of eye lines. Its unique hooked shape helps to specifically apply liquid and gel eyeliners to the inner eye corner. The hook shape allows you to rest your hand on the face to keep it steady. Rae Morris' Precision Bent-Liner features world first magnetic functionality.

Runway tip: this brush can be used to create the finest lash hair like strikes under the eyes for that "twiggy" 60's look. It can even be used for very fine concealing.

Pair it with:
Nars Soft Matte Complete Concealer
Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner

Use to draw gel liner onto the lash line and beyond. Use the fine tip to position product with enviable precision.
Synthetic fibres. 
Item code. I-043016

Discover how to use the #15 Precision Bent-Liner

Jishaku #15: Precision Bent-Liner, , video