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  • Buly 1803 - CANDLE EGYPTE WHITE 300G

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Officine Universelle BulyScented Candle Retour D’Egypte


Size: 300g

  • Buly 1803 - CANDLE EGYPTE WHITE 300G

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An elegant and unique fragrant candle.





Officine Universelle Buly is exclusive to MECCA

The MECCA view: 
A timeless addition to any home, this elegant candle delights both the visual and olfactory senses, filling the home with an enchanting scent of jasmine and bergamot shivering in a breeze of amber and musk. This fragrant candle makes a chic statement in any home. Composed of natural rice, soy and copra wax with a cotton wick. Includes glass bell to preserve the fragrance. Provides approximately 80 – 100 hours burn time.

Candle Dimensions:
Diameter of 9cm and height of 12cm. With the glass dome on, the height becomes 24cm.

Fragrance notes: 
Bergamot, pink berry, fruits, hawthorn, jasmine, nutmeg, vanilla, amber, musk and labdanum.

Pair it with:
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diptyque Wick Trimmer

On first burn, ensure that the candle is left to burn until the entire top area of wax is melted, this may take a few hours but will ensure an even burn and help stop tunnelling.

After blowing out the candle, re-centre and straighten the wick to ensure an even burn next time. 
Once the candle has been put out, cover with the bell to silence the perfume.

Before re-lighting, trim the wick to ¼ inch in length, this will allow a slower burn and help avoid black smoke marks around the edge of the vessel.

Blend of vegetable wax, fragrance, cotton wick.
Item code. I-034920