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  • Buly 1803 - Alabastre Sumi Hinoki

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Officine Universelle BulyAlabaster Sumi Hinoki Scented Stone


Size: 120g

  • Buly 1803 - Alabastre Sumi Hinoki

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A novel and elegant way to diffuse fragrance.



Officine Universelle Buly is exclusive to MECCA

The MECCA view: 
Housed in an embellished porcelain box, this carved porous stone easily absorbs the added perfume concentrate, softly scenting the air without the need for heat or steam. A unique and elegant way to perfume interior spaces, ideal for use in small to medium sized rooms, wardrobes, bathrooms or even in the car. Sumi Hinoki diffuses the air with the invigorating scent of burnt hinoki wood, wrapped in cedar, incense and juniper.

Fragrance notes: 
Cypress, juniper, hinoki wood, cedar and incense.

Pair it with:
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Carefully pour one third of the perfume concentrate onto the stone and leave to fill the room with scent. 

The fragrant formulation naturally releases its aromas when the pretty box of white and blue porcelain remains open. The Alabaster will efficiently and lastingly fill rooms medium and small with fragrance.
Scented alabaster stone diffuser, porcelain box, 5ml perfume concentrate.
Item code. I-034939