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A non-invasive device that tones and firms.





The MECCA view:
A non-invasive device that visibly tones and firms sagging skin and smooths the look of dimples in just five minutes a day. The device has four treatment spheres that deliver a powerful yet gentle flow of targeted microcurrents to the larger, denser areas of the body.

You’ve got the product, now you can learn the technique! Here’s how to contour, firm and lift skin in 5 minutes.

Pair it with: 
NuFace Hydrating Leave-On Gel Primer
NuFace Fix Device

1. On clean skin, apply a mask-like layer of NuFACE Gel Primer over the selected treatment area. 2. Turn ON your NuBODY device and select your preferred treatment intensity level. 3. Begin treatment by gliding the device in an upward motion until the beep sounds (5 seconds). 4. For stubborn areas, such as dimpled or uneven skin, hold the device over the area for 2-3 beeps to provide a more targeted treatment to help smooth the look of skin. 5. Continue your treatment with slow, upward glides or holds until the device automatically powers off (5 minutes). 6. After treatment is complete, massage any Gel Primer into skin for additional skincare benefits. NOTE: For best results, use 5 minutes a day per treatment area. For the first 60-days use 5 times per week. After 60 days use 2-3 times per week to maintain results. Results may vary based on skin type and skin condition. Like with exercise, we recommend regular use, along with healthy nutrition and fitness for best results. This is not a weight loss product.
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