A creative collaboration Discover the story behind this year’s Holiday designs.

Tammy Kanat

Creativity has always been in artist Tammy Kanat’s life. The former jewellery designer shifted to fibre art in 2011 and is internationally recognized for her organic swirls of texture and colour. “It’s very intuitive and pure,” she says of her creative process. “I do what feels right in the moment and it just evolves.”

“Weaving is like life. It’s meditative, and it’s a journey.” Tammy Kanat
“It’s an incredible honour to be working with MECCA and the National Gallery of Victoria. It felt surreal because I love what I do, but this opportunity just makes the experience more exciting.” Tammy Kanat
The  process  for  me  is very  intuitive. It's  not  planned  process  —  it's  very connected  to  my  mood and  my  environment.
The  process  for me  is  very intuitive.  It's  not planned  process  —  it's  very connected  to  my mood  and  my environment.