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Virtual Events

We wanted to bring the best of our exclusive events directly to you on the screen. From interviews with our brand founders, sneak peeks of new and exclusive brands, fresh product drops and digital Masterclasses, we’re inviting you to a series of virtual events through the streams of our socials. Connect with members of our beauty-obsessed community and feel inspired in these ever-changing times. See you there!


Body & Fragrance
Thursday 30 July, 10pm NZST

Beauty Election Live Debate #3:
The body breakdown

MECCA Chit Chat

Today’s motion? The best in body. Smelling sweet, feeling smooth and getting bronzed-up is a fine science, and if anyone knows what it takes, it’s our panel of experts. In a first-ever debate over the products, scents and techniques giving your body a boost, we’re talking tanning (to reach for mousse or cocktail in drops?), smoothing (to rub-a-dub-scrub or load up on hydration?), and fragrance notes (woody or fresh?). Join us LIVE for the results.

Monday 3 August, 10pm NZST

Beauty Election Live Debate #4:
The skintellectuals

MECCA Chit Chat

Skincare isn’t always simple: with so many different steps, formulas and opinions, the path to clear, glowy skin is an easy one to get lost on. MECCA’s biggest skincare obsessives are nutting out the derma details in our great skincare debate, tackling topics of exfoliation, masking and cleansing. To double or not to double? Myths be gone, we’re going LIVE with the truth.

Makeup & Skin
Tuesday 4 August, 10pm NZST

Beauty Election Live Debate #5:
Brows, base and the order of oils

MECCA Chit Chat

In our final match, we’re pulling out all the stops: MECCA’s most highly debated beauty decisions are coming to a head in a passionate discussion led by our very own experts and obsessives. Brows will come to the forefront in a decision whether to fluff or define, we’re covering all bases in a deliberation over matte or dewy finishes, and, most controversially, we’re breaking down the rightful position of oils in your skincare routine. LIVE and in demand, this is not an event to miss.