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Santal Candle


Size: 190g

  • Diptyque - Santal Candle

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Scent the air with sandalwood and spice.



The MECCA view:
A luxurious woody scented candle to bring a warm earthiness to your home. Envelop your home in a velvety aroma of sandalwood and spice. We recommend burning the Santal scent with the Tubereuse Candle to bring about dreams of fragrant flowers in woody, tropical jungles. 

Fragrance notes:

Pair it with:
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diptyque Wick Trimmer
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Trim the wick to half a centimeter before relighting. Allow the candle to burn to the perimeter of the vessel before blowing out to avoid hollowing.
Paraffine solide, cire micro cristaline, vaseline, parfum. 
Item code. I-023887