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diptyqueOranger Candle


Size: 190g

  • Diptyque - Oranger Candle

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Bringing zesty freshness to any home.



The MECCA view:
Imagine all the distinct aromas of a wild orange tree — the wood, the fruit, the leaves — distilled into one scent delicately drifting through the room. The smell of sweet citrus fruit, freshly squeezed oranges, spiced bark, and green leaves can be lavishly adored in the home with Diptyque Scented Candle Oranger, a luxury scented candle. Hand poured into hand blown glasses, this candle, with its sensuous fragrance, is an elegant addition to any home.

Candle Dimensions:
190G – Width 7.5cm x Height 9cm

Fragrance notes:
Orange citrus

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Trim the wick to half a centimeter before relighting. Allow the candle to burn to the perimeter of the vessel before blowing out to avoid hollowing.
Paraffine solide, cire micro cristaline, vaseline, parfum. 
Item code. I-023885