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  • diptyque - CANDLE GERANIUM ROSA 6.5OZ

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diptyqueGeranium Rosa Candle


Size: 190

  • diptyque - CANDLE GERANIUM ROSA 6.5OZ

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The scent of geranium blooming with red flowers.





The MECCA view:
A combination of the green and slightly aromatic freshness of fragrant citrus-scented leaves, and the flowery, spicy nuances of the rose with which the Geranium naturally shares some of its scents. The fragrance released is reminiscent of a springtime garden in Provence. Burn it on its own or layer it with another scent from diptyque to create your own unique experience.

Candle Dimensions:
190g – Width 8cm x Height 10cm x Depth 8cm

Fragrance notes:

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The first time you light a scented candle, let it burn for two to three hours until all the wax on the surface has become liquid. Trim the wick regularly with the special wick trimmer (ideal length: 3-5 mm). When extinguishing the candle, check the wick is upright and centered.
Paraffine solide, cire micro cristaline, vaseline, parfum. 
Item code. I-008678