A revolution in skincare all backed by science

The pioneers of at-home skincare devices, BeautyBio creates highly developed formulas that deliver real results. Combining their patented at-home microneedling GloPRO® technology with potent ingredients, it delivers effective skincare for the salon experience at-home. Discover more...

BeautyBio is exclusive to MECCA.

Microneedling, the BeautyBio way

As pioneers of at-home skincare devices, BeautyBio’s award-winning microneedling tool GloPRO utilises LED red-therapy and microcurrent stimulation to increase cell turnover and promote the appearance of plump, youthful skin. Learn how to use the GloPRO tool at-home here.

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  • This award-winning, painless microneedling tool smooths and firms the skin while allowing any serums or treatments applied after to absorb deeper into the skin.